Ice Amplifiers

Valves for Swapping/Selling

I'm interested in interesting valves. Not necessarily because I will use them, just to have them, to know how they work / worked, to see how the state of the art got to where it is now. Although if I can use them I will, eventually. I prefer to use them instead of just having them. The trouble is having the time.

If you think you can make good use of anything I've got laying about, I'll consider swapping or selling. Please don't offer anything ordinary including for example "original 1957 Mullard El34 'matched quad'" or similar, if I want a '34 I'll get a Chinese/Russian one, they're just as good. Anyone who says differently is nostalgic and/or just wrong. Chances are the Russian/Chinese manufacturer is using a copy of the original British/American equipment to produce them.

I'm interested in AF, RF (receiving and transmitting), especially acorn valves, Microwave (TWT, Klystron, Carcinotron (BWO), Magnatron and all the other weird stuff), power switching / control (gas filled and hard vacuum), CRTs (I'm refurbishing a CRT tester at the moment), tuning indicators, computing tubes, lettering, nixies/numicon, battery powered valves etc. etc.

I'd particularly like a R-Type dead or alive.

A partial list of valves is available to download in MS Excel format.