Ice Amplifiers

Modelling Valves in SPICE

Many long nights I have spent kneeling before the god of spice in the spice cave. The chances are, if you use spice, especially if you're a student... you've been in the cave at least once. The term "spice cave" was coined, by Bob Pease.

It describes the situation of an engineer who is simulating a design, the engineer isn't confident and simulates for much longer than is necessary, trying to ascertain that the design will work. The designer isn't ascertaining anything by running simulations that have been run before; Spice will only produce the same result. A designer who is stuck in the "spice cave" is actually trying to gain the confidence to build a prototype. Much time is lost in the spice cave. It is almost impossible to imagine what engineers did before spice, reading books from the period suggests that there was a lot of trial and error.

The spice models that are given in these pages are 'macro models' generated by using Matlab functions created by Norman Koren. Interested readers are advised to have a look at his site, the address can be found in the links page.

Models provided here are for private/personal or commercial use. The author has made every effort to ensure accuracy. It is the duty of the designer that uses these models to ensure that they are fit for the purpose which they are intended.

Spice Models

6021SQ Subminiture AF Triode
6SL7AF Triode
6V6GTAF Power Pentode