Ice Amplifiers

Ice 'n' Lemon 30 Watt Guitar Amplifier

This project contains:

The drawings are in PDF 'A0' size so that no resolution is lost. Acrobat Reader or similar will be able to scale the drawings according to your printer size. Some colour renderings are also included.

The schematics and PCB layouts are in PDF format.

The photos may be useful as a guide to constructional techniques.

I have obtained from Celestion the T/S parameters of the G12H-30 (8 ohm) that was used in this project.

Item No. Re Le Fs Qms Qes Qts Vas(L) Cms Mms Rms B x L Prms Xmax
G12H-30 8 Ohm 6.7 Ohms 0.71mH @ 1kHz 85 Hz 8.6 0.46 0.44 55 L 0.14 mm/N 29 g 1.67 kg/s 14.4 Tm 30 W 1mm
G12H-30 16 Ohm 13.1 Ohms 1.04mH @ 1kHz 85 Hz 7.8 0.62 0.58 47 L 0.12 mm/N 29 g 1.97 kg/s 18 Tm 30 W 1mm

Ice 'n' Lemon: Documents

Part 1 : Pre amplifier
Part 2 : Power Amplifier
Part 3 : Power Supply
Part 4 : Cabinet

Ice 'n' Lemon: "Design Pack"

Download design pack (.zip)

Ice 'n' Lemon Photos:

Ice 'n' lemon Image 1 Ice 'n' lemon Image 2 Ice 'n' lemon Image 3 Ice 'n' lemon Image 4 Ice 'n' lemon Image 5 Ice 'n' lemon Image 6 Ice 'n' lemon Image 7 Ice 'n' lemon Image 8 Ice 'n' lemon Image 9 Ice 'n' lemon Image 10