Ice Amplifiers

Custom 2 x 12 Cabinet

This project is slightly unusual as it has a large number of CAD files. Therefore it has been compressed. It can be downloaded as one file. The specification can be viewed separately as a PDF. The pictures are also available separately.

I have used 'Speaker Workshop' (see links page) to compute the expected response of the system. With four 3" diameter ports of length 18 inches. These ports are made of drain (down) pipe and tune the box to 20Hz

The drivers are wired in series and therefore the cab is nominaly 16 ohms.

The drivers I used are made by Skytronic (now part of the AVSL Group) and I think they cost me about 10 quid each

The T/S Parameters of the Drivers are:

Item No. Re Le Fs Qms Qes Qts Sd(CM2) Vas(L) Cms(uM/N) Mms(g) Rms B x L SPL_1W/1m2 Prms(W) Pmax(W) Xmax
902.382 7 33 1.7 0.8 0.54 522 131 340 66 11 89 100 200 1

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Amplitude Response