Ice Amplifiers

Electronic Devices and Circuits

Electronic Devices and Circuits is a two part first year course on semiconductor materials and devices and the use of devices in circuits. I taught the circuits half of this course from Autumn 2013 to Summer 2016 and in the Autumn of 2018 at the University of Sheffield.

EEE118 Course Description

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Course Book
Course Book - 2018/19 Edition
YouTube Video Playlist (Lectures)
Course Video Playlist
Lecture SlidesLecture HandoutsLecture Video (YouTube)
Lecture 1 Lecture 1 Handout Lecture 1 Recording
Lecture 2 Lecture 2 Handout Lecture 2 Recording
Lecture 3 Lecture 3 Handout Lecture 3 Recording
Lecture 4 Lecture 4 Handout Lecture 4 Recording
Lecture 5 Lecture 5 Handout Lecture 5 Recording
Lecture 6 Lecture 6 Handout Lecture 6 Recording
Lecture 7 Lecture 7 Handout Lecture 7 Recording
Lecture 8 Lecture 8 Handout Lecture 8 Recording
Semester 1 Demos Lecture
Lecture 9 Lecture 9 Handout Lecture 9 Recording
Lecture 10 Lecture 10 Handout Lecture 10 Recording
Lecture 11 Lecture 11 Handout Lecture 11 Recording
Lecture 12 Lecture 12 Handout Lecture 12 Recording
Lecture 13 Lecture 13 Handout Lecture 13 Recording
Lecture 14 Lecture 14 Handout Lecture 14 Recording
Lecture 15 Lecture 15 Handout Lecture 15 Recording
Lecture 16 Lecture 16 Handout Lecture 16 Recording
Lecture 17 Lecture 17 Handout Lecture 17 Recording
Lecture 18 Recording
Lecture 19 Recording
Prose Course Notes
Diode Conduction State Handout
Transient Behaviour of First Order RC Circuits
Rectifier and Power Supply Applications of Diodes
Transistor Characteristics
One Transistor Amplifiers
Operational Amplifiers
Problem Sheets
Background Knowledge Background Knowledge - Solutions
Diode Conduction State Diode Conduction State - Solutions Diode Conduction State YouTube Playlist
Diode Resistor and Capacitor Circuits Diode Resistor and Capacitor Circuits - Solutions Diode Resistor and Capacitor Circuits YouTube Playlist
Rectifiers and Smoothing Rectifiers and Smoothing - Solutions Rectifiers and Smoothing YouTube Playlist
Transistors as Switches and Amplifiers Transistors as Switches and Amplifiers - Solutions
Operational Amplifiers Operational Amplifiers - Solutions
Simulation Files
LTSpice is needed for the simulations below. It can be downloaded for free from here
Lecture 4 Simulation Files
Lecture 5 Simulation Files
Lecture 11 Simulation Files
Extended Videos
One Transistor Amplifier Extra Videos YouTube Playlist
Past Exam Papers
EEE118 Past Exam Papers and Solutions (zip)
EEE118 2013 Circuits Parts Extended Explanation