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August 2014 - You might not believe it but I've taken my eye off the ball with ICE over the last 5 years, but for now I'm back and there are fundemntal chages to the design of the website. No new content, yet.

December 2012 - A new circuits teaser is available.

December 2012 - Ice is looking a bit too retro (it never really looked new) and I think the time has come for a complete rewrite and re-design. I'm rather hoping this will encourage me to finish some of the projects which have been laying around for years. Everything will stay online, but the content will slowly change, eventually the site will look different too.

July 2012 - Various updates.

May 23rd 2010 - New Article, "Stability and Simulation of Negative Feedback Audio Power Amplifier Circuits".

April 15th 2010 - Uploaded a little article on Oscillation in FET Output Stages.

April 1st 2010 - ICE Amplifiers is 5 years old today. Happy Birthday ICE.

November 14th 2009 - Partial list of valves available for swapping finally uploaded. Have done significant work to Dawe Oscillator, works, but can't stabilize the oscillation, also tends to lock up its o/p if you demand too higher frequency. All very strange, an accurate circuit digram would help a lot.

August 29th 2009 - The "Lab" in my new house is nearly complete. Several projects undertaken, including a better power amp for ice 'n' lemon. And work on the Dawe Oscillator. Also investigating Ultrasonic Cleaning.

November 11 2008 - Moved house in July, life in disarray, trying to sort my lab out, slight modifications to the linear PSU article

August 3rd 2008 - Uploaded Linear Bench Power Supplies article.

July 2nd 2008 - Have been working on a bench power supply design and construction document for the last two months. Also brought an Agilent DSO3062A - Nice.

November 27th 2007 - Finally got round to writing up the Power Dissipation in Class B OPS in a word processor. Also have uploaded the documentation for the Blue Ice power amp Project.

October 19th 2007 - Busy with PhD work, Tek 5440 Scope is broke. Needs fixing. Also acquired Tek 515A (1960) and a Type BKF6 Distortion Meter made by Radiometer of Copenhagen NV. both in need of TLC at minimum.

September 5th 2007 - MSc(Eng) Thesis added to the articles section.

July 21st 2007 - Have added (in the articles section) a fist full of restoration projects that have been awaiting my attention.

June 21st 2007 - Have updated progress on Translinear Gain Cell/Compressor Article Page.

June 1st 2007 - University exams are in progress. No progress made with anything since xmas.

April 1st 2007 - ICE amplifiers is 2 Years old today. Happy Birthday ICE.

March 5th 2007 - Due to MSc project starting a few weeks ago I have no time for anything at all. Unlikely to be anything new till September.

February 9th 2007 - CCD Camera Page Updated

November 28th 2006 - Article added.

November 18th 2006 - Finally found 30 seconds to escape the joy of stubs and S parameters to update ice. Links page has two new entries.

October 9th 2006 - If you've been following this site you will have worked out that I'm presently doing an MSc(Eng) in Elec. Eng, well its week three and I've had no time for ice at all. Consequently if you're waiting desperately to hear how the current projects are going then you may be waiting till say September next year...

September 3rd 2006 - Due to the lazy nature of the author the material relating to the compressor designed with an OTA is currently on the translinear gain cell article page...

August 19th 2006 - A compressor page has been opened in the articles section - a project will follow in the next few months, "Blue Ice" 19" Guitar amp documentation has started...

August 16th 2006 - A compressor will (not) be here soon.

July 13th 2006 - I have received the results of my undergraduate degree, my thesis is now on ICE. See the articles section "A Harmonic Distortion Measurement System".